[mythtv-users] Choppy fullscreen video playback on latest fixes branch

R. Goff gumby at leemingwireless.net
Sat Nov 25 04:53:25 UTC 2006


I've upgraded to the .20-fixes branch using apt-get (Ubuntu Edgy), and 
now all my video playback is choppy, especially when watching 
recordings. Live tv is better, and stops for a few frames each second, 
but recordings are extremely choppy, freezing constantly. Its not a 
hardware speed issue, since playing 1080i and 720p h264 videos work fine 
under xine (1.6ghz core duo). The backend is not under any considerable 
load either, nor does it look like a network issue, since the HD 
material is also hosted on the backend machine. I'm using 2 DVB cards as 
the source.

What is also interesting is that the preview window for the recordings 
does not display this issue, only fullscreen playback.

I have tried playing with the playback performance settings (Interlacing 
on/off, libmpeg2 etc etc), but it seems to make no difference.

Is this a known issue, is anyone else having the same problem? Does 
anyone have any suggestions on fixing? I've trawled through the mailing 
list archives and couldn't find any solutions.

If no-one has a solution for this i'll open a ticket, but im hoping its 
just a misconfiguration somewhere.



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