[mythtv-users] Internet video source as tuner

jason fearthepenguin at jasonandjessi.com
Fri Nov 24 18:46:23 UTC 2006

That's a really neat idea.  Might be slick to be able to setup a "tuner" 
to be an RSS feed from a specific website, and then your "channels" 
would be the video content from that RSS.  Using an audio example, 
www.escapepod.org would be the tuner and all the stories listed in the 
current RSS would be the channels.

Russ Dill wrote:
> Has anyone considered what it would take to make an internet video
> source into a "tuner"? I've looked at the mythstream project, but I
> would like something more integrated. Ie, a tuner that is
> 'mms://vod.ysmbc.co.kr/TV/'. Then create a channel for that tuner, so
> it can easily be viewed just by entering the assigned channel while
> watching mythtv.
> If I could write a script that parses listings, I could even get it to
> do recordings, which would be the ultimate goal.
> I would guess that the virtual tuner's job would be to download the
> streamed data, and transcode it to nupple.
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