[mythtv-users] Hardware to support HD and Pvr-350

nik gibson nik.gibson at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 06:11:04 UTC 2006


Does anyone have a HD, dual card motherboard success story?  I've tried
building a myth box on older hardware and it's just a huge time wasting
exercise so this time I'd like to do it right and buy the proper hardware up

I'm trying to build a box with firewire for the HD content and my pvr 350
for the channels I can't get over HD.  My current motherboard only has two
PCI slots so the 350 and the Audigy with the firewire port sit right next to
each other.  When I'm recording from both cards I can consistently cause the
machine to kernel panic with repeated DMA errors to the log and finally to
completely lock up.  It only happens when I'm recording from both devices.
I'm thinking my motherboard just can't handle both cards and I'd like to
upgrade anyway.

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