[mythtv-users] Remote control of MythFrontend from another PC

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Fri Nov 24 01:49:16 UTC 2006

Open Media Support wrote:
> What tools do people recommend for remote control of a mythtv frontend
> without using a remote control or keyboard/mouse.
> I have some customers with disabilities that mean a conventional keyboard
> or remote isn't suitable. If I had some sort of gui tool they could use on
> their PC or PDA they could get full funcionality out of their MythTV box.
> I've look at MythWIFI - http://studwww.ugent.be/~aveys/mythwifi/
> Looks ok, but the code base is on 0.18/0.19 and it crashes 0.20. I'll have
> a go at updating it as it does look quite good.
> The Mac tool at
> http://web.mac.com/grhowes/iWeb/Generally%20Helpful%20Software/Remote%20Remote%20GH.html
> looked very good. Anyone seed a Windows PC equivalent.
> Otherwise has anyone got tips on a solution for people with disabilities?
> Steve
There is a telnet interface to the frontend, and I *think* someone wrote 
a web frontend to the frontend, but I'm not sure. It wouldn't be too 
hard to whip something up, possibly with a PHP/Telnet API, or some 
expect scripts. Some PDA's can use external IR senders that are more 
powerful than the built-in ones used for peer to peer device 
communication, and the software for these senders allows you to make 
custom screens, so that may be another alternative, although a large 
touchscreen with a browser interface would likely be easier for those 
who either don't see as well, or don't have the motor control to operate 
a smaller remote. I wouldn't mind helping out on this, if needed.


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