[mythtv-users] Starting over

John jharitos at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 24 01:18:44 UTC 2006

John wrote:
> Did you try the lirc setup on the link I provided
> http://www.htpcug.com/blaster.htm 

>No, that is for FC.  I am using Ubuntu.  Have you
>used it on Ubuntu?  I 
>got hung up early on at:
># apt-get install lirc-lib-devel

>Additionally, this guide assumes you dont have LIRC
>up and running.  I 
>do, so at what point do I jump into this guide?

No, I'm using neither distro but the guide did work
for me. I tried using LIRC from my distro's repo
(apt-get) and I could never get it to work. So I ended
up compiling LIRC from the source and it worked. At a
later time, I then needed an IR blaster working with
my remote so I tried following the guide you were
trying and I could never get it to work. I then used
the guide to the link I provided you and it worked
like a charm. Compliling lirc from the sources is the
way to go IMO. Everything you need is in the lirc
package excpet you'll need the sources for your kernel
(headers, devel won't work). The only problem with the
guide is that they say to use any for driver and I got
an error on some of the modules so I ended up doing
the two I needed (lirc_serial and lirc_atiusb) with
the ./configure command.

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