[mythtv-users] RecordOverTine/RecordPreRoll also mythweb question

Darryl Ross spam at afoyi.com
Thu Nov 23 12:09:58 UTC 2006

Chris Petersen wrote:
> Ben Edwards wrote:
>> So if RecordOverTime was 120 and Record Later was set to 2 (and there
>> were no conflicts) it would record an extra 4 minutes?
> That's how I understand it, yes.  The "start early" and "end late"
> settings actually extend the "physical" recording time of the program.
> The other stuff just says "if you can, try to record an extra N seconds"

How hard would it be to make it so that the RecordOverTime is a hard
value to be applied to all recordings. Over here in Australia the
commercial networks are always running late, so I start early by 2
minutes and end late by 15 minutes, on all shows.

It would be nice if the global setting could do that instead of per show...


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