[mythtv-users] Starting over

John jharitos at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 23 03:58:49 UTC 2006

Did you try the lirc setup on the link I provided you?


I've detailed my problems getting my RS232 IR Blaster
to work in every 
forum I can think of, and I guess I am the only one
with that problem, 
since no replies. 

so, I'm considering going back as far as I need to get
this to work. 
Thinking reinstalling Ubuntu Dapper over my existing
Ubuntu Dapper 
installation hoping that will fix things. 

I assume I'll need to redo IVTV and as I recall that
was a bear, but 
maybe go quicker this time. 

My media files are on a separate drive, I can back up
the sql database 
as safeguard. 

I'm not even sure if I'll need to reinstall MythTV. 

Any other gotchas I might want to consider before I go
down this path. 
Hoping to retain my existing recordings 

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