[mythtv-users] PVR150 not recognized?

Andrew Robinson awrobinson-ml at nc.rr.com
Thu Nov 23 00:40:02 UTC 2006

Tom Lichti wrote:
> Brian Wood wrote:
>> On Nov 22, 2006, at 11:06 AM, Tom Lichti wrote:
>>> Andrew Robinson wrote:
>>>> Looks like the answer is a line in /etc/modprobe.conf
>>>> options ivtv tuner=50
>>>> However, that applies just to the PVR-150, no? Do I need to include
>>>> another id for the PVR-250?
>>> Possibly. What does the IVTV section from dmesg show? Run dmesg, then
>>> post everything between the ===START IVTV=== and ===END IVTV=== lines.
>>> Tom
>> It is extremely unfortunate that there are many different cards out  
>> there all called "PVR-150". I have four "PVR-150", 3 of which have  
>> the same tuners and the fourth has a different one.
>> I got around that by simply using the "odd man out" for the baseband  
>> output of my satellite receiver, so the fact that the tuner is not  
>> properly recognized if no import.
>> It's been discussed here before about different tuners being used on  
>> the 150s and the 500s especially, and it is difficult for the IVTV  
>> folks to keep up.
>> But what Tom says is correct, you will have a better chance of  
>> getting help by posting the boot log info on the card.
> I have 2 250's and 1 150, they all have different tuners, and I don't 
> have a problem setting them all up differently. They all work great. Not 
> sure why you couldn't get the same result.
Thanks for the replies, everyone. Turns out the answer was in Jarod 
Wilson's guide. I needed to add this line to my /etc/modprobe.conf file:

options ivtv tuner=-1,50

The "-1" says autodetect, which works fine for the PVR-250. The "50" is 
for the PVR-150. So the problem was basically user knowledge, or as a 
former colleague put it, "between the keyboard and the chair".

Thanks again!


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