[mythtv-users] [OT] Xorg EPIA 1000M

Razza ray at brambletree.net
Tue Nov 21 22:32:04 UTC 2006

> On 21/11/06, Razza <ray at brambletree.net> wrote:
> > > Not sure if this is your problem but have a look in the BIOS 
> > > settings.
> > >
> > > Under 'Advanced Chipset Features' there's a setting for 'Display 
> > > Out' or somesuch.  Try fiddling with that.  Mine is set 
> to TV and I 
> > > seem to remember that I had to change it to that from the 
> default, 
> > > to get X to start.
> >
> > Sorry I should mention I'm using the VGA port not the 
> S-Vid/Composite 
> > ports. Cheers.
David Watkins [watkinshome at gmail.com] wrote:
> OK - but I couldn't start X on the VGA port either until I 
> changed the BIOS setting.  I think the default was CRT+TV 
> with [presumably] some sort of autodetect; but it didn't work for me.
> It sounds like you've already checked this but, if you 
> haven't, it's worth a look.

Changed it to CRT and X works like a charm!
Thanks very much for that advice, spent the last few hours cursing 
 "after all these $%& years, X is still weak link" - sorry xorg!

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