[mythtv-users] combined HD frontend/backend on P4 3.2Ghz

Ali Asad Lotia ali.asad.lotia at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 22:02:24 UTC 2006

On 11/21/06, John P Poet <jppoet at gmail.com> wrote:

> > what distro are you running?
> Fedora Core 5.
> > i wonder if the slightly faster
> > clockspeed on my machine will allow commflagging to go on at the same
> > time or if i will have to upgrade processors.
> Linux stresses CPUs far more than XP does.  Makes it a bit harder to
> have a stables, over-clocked machine.
> > is HD commflagging as
> > processor intensive as HD playback?
> In a way, yes, but not really.  The commflagger has to decode the
> show, just like it would to display it on your screen, however, it
> does not have to do it in real time.
> The commflagger can run at three speeds: High, Medium and Low.  High
> speed means it uses all the CPU the scheduler will let it.  Medium
> means it runs at a lower priority.  Low means it runs at a lower
> priority, and will "sleep" a lot to make sure other processes get
> plenty of CPU.
> On the 2.6 MHz HT P4, even setting it run at Low kills performance too
> much to watch a HD program.  I have a feeling this may have as much to
> do with disk performance, as CPU performance.
> > i love the performance of myth
> > with SD and really don't want to have to deal with stuttering etc.
> > when viewing content. i guess trying it is the best way to find out.
> Yup.  As Mark Lehrer said, he has had a very hard time making this
> work on similar hardware.  There are a lot of variables, including
> disk performance, which go into the equation.  Even the BIOS on your
> motherboard could influence how well this all works for you.
> > thanks all for replying. any other input would be much appreciated.
> Your welcome.

Also does deinterlacing incur the marjority of the CPU load or is it
simply decoding the MPEG2 files? I shouldn't need to do any
deinterlacing since I will have an external scaler/deinterlacer.

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