[mythtv-users] MythTV on a VIA Epia

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Tue Nov 21 21:12:12 UTC 2006

Jogchum Reitsma wrote:
> Brett Kosinski schreef:
>>     For anyone who is running Myth on an Epia - how is the playback
>>     quality on live tv?
>>     Any recommendations on Epia model for a new deployment?
>> Well, what do you plan to watch on it?  If you're just going to decode 
>> MPEG2, something as lowly as an ME6000 would do the job (with xvmc + 
>> the onboard MPEG2 decoder), and it's fanless to boot.  OTOH, if you 
>> plan to watch other material (eg, MPEG4, etc), you'll want something 
>> with a bit more heft.   If you're happy with fans, I'd probably go for 
>> something like the M10000.  It's popular, seemingly well supported, 
>> and should be able to handle any SD content you'd throw at it.
>> Regardless, other than the more recent boards (like my EN12000EG :( ), 
>> the driver support for the EPIAs is pretty solid, so you should be 
>> okay, whatever you choose.  You can take a look at the wiki on 
>> www.openchrome.org <http://www.openchrome.org> to see which video 
>> chipsets are currently supported.
>> Brett.
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> Do you what support problems I can expect with the CN700 chipset? I am 
> planning to buy a EN15000G; to use it as a mythtv backend (no frontend 
> really) and as a NAS server. It has on-board Gbit Lan (a must for a NAS 
> I think) and the one PCI-slot can be used for the Hauppauge PVR 150 I own.
>  From the wiki at www.openchrome.org <http://www.openchrome.org> I 
> conclude that the CN700 is well supported (see
> http://wiki.openchrome.org/tikiwiki/tiki-index.php?page=HardwareCaveats
> so there's no problem apparently?
> Or is the problem that the chipset itself is crippled (as Paul Bender, 
> if I understand him correctly) states?

My statement is based on this thread 
The crippled nature relates to hardware acceleration for HDTV playback, 
which should not be an issue on a backend only system.

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