[mythtv-users] 0.20 upgrade leaves scheduler NOT running

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Tue Nov 21 13:34:18 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-11-21 at 08:24 -0500, Kirk Anderson wrote:
> I've been running for over a year now with 0.18, then 0.19.
> Last week my Myth backend box died. So I built a new
> server this weekend based on 0.20-fixes.  I ported over my
> old mySQL DB. (Almost) everything seems to have gone fine.
> The issue I am having is: it appears to me the mythbackend
> scheduler is NOT running automatically. I have many shows listed
> in the "Recording Schedule". But when I go to "Upcoming Recordings"
> it is always empty.
> I ran the backend as:  "mythbackend --printsched" and it DOES show
> a long list of upcoming shows that should be recorded.
> I have viewed "Upcoming Recordings" from both mythWeb and from
> the mythfrontend. Both always show nothing.
> I deleted the 'record' table from my mySQL DB (in case it was corrupted).
> The programmed a new show. Went to "Upcoming Recordings".  Still nothing.
> It simply appears to me that the scheduler is just not running.
> Is there some new switch / option / arg that I have to control to motivate
> the scheduler now on 0.20 ?
> I've looked in my logs and don't see anything unusual. I also don't see all
> those msgs I remember seeing in the past, from the scheduler saying how
> its deciding which shows to actually record.

You can force the running backend to reschedule by using this command:
  mythbackend --resched
It will signal the running backend to reschedule.

But this probably isn't your problem. You probably updated your ivtv or
v4l drivers when you upgraded, and the driver changed the enumeration of
it's inputs. Back up your DB, and then try deleting your capture cards
and recreating them and their connections to video sources in the
mythtv-setup application (shut down the backend first).

-- Daniel

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