[mythtv-users] Upscaling DVDs via Xine

Craig Partin cpartin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 22:52:27 UTC 2006

> Hi Ed,
> I found that setting my X.org configuration to match the native resolution
> of my LCD panel gave me a great boost in quality. It helps improve the
> quality of everyting that you playback on your system (including DVD
> playback  with xine).  I would  also recommend that you  enable
> de-interlacing in xine. Here is the relevant setting from my .xine/config :
>     gui.deinterlace_by_default:1
> regards,
> --Frank
> On 11/20/06, Ed O'Brien <ed3120 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > I use Xine through MythTV to play DVDs on my HDTV.  With all the talk of
> upscaling hardware DVD players out there, are there any guides that explain
> how to tweak Xine to get the best 720p or 1080i output?  My DVDs look good
> through Xine, but I wanted to know if there were settings that can be used
> to maximize the video quality of a DVD outputting at HD resolutions.
> >

A related question would be: is the scaling better in Xine than the
Mythtv internal player?

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