[mythtv-users] Record >1 channel per multiplex?

Rev Simon Rumble simon at rumble.net
Sat Nov 18 01:46:26 UTC 2006

This one time, at band camp, Lauri Tischler wrote:

> Why on earth did they do such an idiotic decision ?
> Do they still believe one-transmitter/one-channel theory ?

Politics.  Someone, somewhere decided that High Def was a "must have" 
and all else must be prioritized beneath that need.  The existing 
licensees wanted to be guaranteed no competition.

The situation is slowly changing.  I guess you need only point to the 
amazing diversity on Freeview in the UK to show how good it can be.  
There is talk of allowing multichanneling, but I'm sure the incumbents 
and the two media barons (Rupert and Packer) will insist on getting a 
whole lot for nothing.

(I've just moved back to Oz from the UK)

> Is earth flat ?

This is the same government that, until very recently, denied global 
warming.  They still think Saddam had WMD and that "we" invaded for just 
reasons, when even Blair and Bush are distancing themselves from that.
I wouldn't put a flat earth view past them.

But we are a democracy, so we gets the government we deserve. <sigh>

Rev Simon Rumble <simon at rumble.net>

"War is God's way of teaching Americans geography."
 - Ambrose Bierce

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