[mythtv-users] Mono mix coming from center 5.1 speaker!?!

jonny Linux jonnylinux at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 20:55:58 UTC 2006


This isn't strictly a mythtv issue but I thought I'd post it here

I'm using an onboard snd_intel8x0 sound card and I have a 5.1 speaker setup
(using 3 pairs of stereo jacks), but recently I've noticed when I watch my
stereo recordings or any other stereo output on the computer, I get a mixed
down version of the stereo signal coming through the center speaker. I also
can't seem to get 5.1 working

I've been through every option on alsamixer/gnome-volume-control/kmix (I
know they should all do the same thing, but I thought I should try them!),
but nothing seems to change this. Does anyone what I need to change?


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