[mythtv-users] Record >1 channel per multiplex?

Rev Simon Rumble simon at rumble.net
Fri Nov 17 05:53:05 UTC 2006

I'm about to set up my Myth system and have been curious about whether 
this feature was ever implemented.  It's mentioned in this ticket:

Which was closed as "invalid" without comment?

This is certainly a feature I'm sure lots of DVB users would like, 
effectively multiplying the number of channels that can be recorded in 
some situations.

For those unaware of it, DVB can have multiple channels for each 
frequency transmitted.  That means one tuner can record from more than 
one channel at once, where they share a multiplex.

It's not enormously useful in Australia, where the government chose to 
ban multi-channeling for most of the station owners.  In the UK, 
however, it would be incredibly useful.

So is this implemented?  What would it take to implement it?  Would a 
bounty be one way to go about getting it done?

Rev Simon Rumble <simon at rumble.net>

 "Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most
  of the time he will pick himself up and continue on."
- Winston Churchill

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