[mythtv-users] Totally OT - but need help wit RAID5 array

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Thu Nov 16 22:58:08 UTC 2006

> > 
> Either should work.  Since you're copying the entire disk then this will
> include the RAID metadata so it'll look to be the same drive as the old
> one.  The RAID system isn't bothered about the drive names, it just uses
> that metadata.  This does mean that you'll need to erase the metadata
> from the failed drive before you can add it back into the array (that's
> if it's not totally dead of course).
> Incidentally, you may well have lower than ideal performance as it looks
> like you're running the array with a master/slave disk setup - ideally
> each drive should be on its own IDE channel.

Thanks. I really wasn't worried about performance. The main system is
running on a single drive and I was planning on the raid array just for
simple storage with a little redundancy.

I do have another one of these exact drives, but I'm not sure how to
progress since I screwed up the original creation of the array. I
wouldn't mind just salvaging what I can and starting the array over.
What do I do about the fact that I originally had dev/hdd and
not /dev/hdd? Or once I salvage the data should I start over?

By the way, these are 160 gb disks, any idea how long it will take
dd_rhelp to finish? It's definitely run into some issues on the suspect
drive, but it's still plugging along. 


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