[mythtv-users] Enhancement request: Multiple fast forward/rewind buttons

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Thu Nov 16 17:18:56 UTC 2006

Yeechang Lee wrote:
> How about a third set of jump buttons within Playback Groups? I
> currently have SEEKRWND set to 10 seconds, SEEKFFWD to 30, and the
> jump amount for CHANNELDOWN AND CHANNELUP TO 1 minute. I'd love to be
> able to jump larger timespans, like 10 minutes, with the PAGEUP and
> PAGEDOWN bindings, which the TV Playback mode currently does not use
> at all.

On my remote I have FFW set to fast forward, REW set to rewind, nav up 
to jump backward 3 minutes, nav down to jump forward 3 minutes, nav 
right to jump forward 30 seconds, nav left to jump back 10 seconds, and 
channel up to jump forward 10 minutes, and channel down to jump down 10 
minutes. I can post my lircrc and key bindings if you want, I don't 
recall off the top of my head if I use PAGEUP/DOWN or not.


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