[mythtv-users] Jumpy video, audio off by a second

Aaron Jackson yolan at mlug.missouri.edu
Thu Nov 16 14:16:45 UTC 2006

Hi, I'm working on getting mythtv setup on an Ubuntu system (Edgy). I'm 
using a hauppage card (don't remember exact model at the moment.) I've got 
a dual boot knoppmyth/ubuntu system setup right now and I actually have 
two unrelated problems. In knoppmyth I get stable video with audio in sync 
no problems, but I can't change the channel -- mythtv crashes. In Ubuntu I 
get stable audio that is about 1 second off from the video. The video in 
Ubuntu also seems to freeze briefly and then continue every second or so. 
It doesn't seem like the audio is getting further out of sync from the 
video, but I could be wrong. On the one channel I can get on the knoppmyth 
box the video plays just fine. On the Ubuntu box I can watch video with 
audio in Tvtime and the audio and video are in sync and completely stable.

Any ideas?


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