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tom roth rawdlite at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 16 10:46:14 UTC 2006

Thank you, Simon

MythCollection is not only good for your own browsing needs. I find it
rather helpfull when organising a video night with friends. They can access
my list online and then we decide.
I am already thinking of some kind of voting feature for the future.

Now about your question.
MythCollection gets triggerd by mythburn.py and uses mytharchivehelper but
is otherwise independent of the mythfrontend. I am sure a marketing
department would call this an Integration but it is nothing you can see in
the interface.
With MythWeb there is even less Integration it is an independent Web
Implementation based on the rails framework. It even brings its own
webserver so no need to mess with apache configuration files. While this has
many advantages for developers, when you place a link in MythWeb you will
hardly notice there are indpendent apps at work. For me it is more important
to have a solution that intgrates well with the workflow of the archiving
Actualy with my friends visiting MythCollection i would not want them to be
able to start recordings or delete movies. Therefore i think the fact that
MythCollection is not integrated with MythWeb is an advantage. But this is
open to discussion.

I can put some Screenshots of MythCollection online if you are interested.
At the moment i am working on MythCover after that i have to have another go
at the html design. And then i will probably work on the webburn part of
MythCollection unless a mythwebburn based on MythWeb will show up.

I hope this answered your question.

regards tom

On 15/11/06, Simon Dyson <sdyson at themaelstrom.co.uk> wrote:
> I think Tom has a great idea here. At the moment I'm keeping my burnt
> DVDs in a large flight case which saves a lot of space but isn't
> anywhere near as easy to browse as a load of DVDs cases on the shelf so
> it would be good to browse the collection via MythTV.
> Tom, it sounds like what you've done integrates with MythWeb but not
> with MythFrontend - is that right?
> Simon
> tom roth wrote:
> > Now that MythArchive is so successfull (Congratulations to Paul) i
> > recently experienced a spark of interest in my MythArchive Extension
> > MythCollection.
> > The Goal of MythCollection is to help you keep track on the movies you
> > have archived. It also supports you on the generation of a nice
> > CD-Cover and there is a (rudimentary) webfrontend for mythburn. Now
> > before you all get excited, while this works rather well for me, this
> > is pre-alpha software. It consists of:
> > - mythcollect.py a python script that gets called by mythburn.py,
> > looks at the jobfile and writes title and description of the archived
> > files into the mythcollection table. Of course this is optional and
> > can be configured with an option in mydata.xml.
> > - mythcover.py, another python script that gets (optionaly) called by
> > mythcollect.py and creates a cd-cover using a screenshot of the movie.
> > - MythCollection, just another moviedatabase integrated with the
> > mythtv database. MythCollection does the following:
> > - - Enrich the movie information by  an IMDB lookup.
> > - - Provides a browse and a search interface (using ajax)
> > - - Manual Editing
> > - - Shelf organisation with index markers
> > - - CD-Cover generation. Here mythcover.py is called again, but this
> > time there a more options to influence the generation process.
> >
> > I use MythCollection to keep track of all my Movie including the DVDs
> > i bought. I also set up a rudimentary webinterface to call mythburn
> from.
> >
> > If this is of any interest to you i could send you the code and help
> > you setting it all up until a installation routine is written.
> > At this stage it would be best if you knew how to write bugreports and
> > a little python and/or ruby would be helpfull.
> > MythCollection is a ruby on rails application. Now why did i do this ?
> > There are several reasons:
> >
> > - I looked at mythweb and found the code quite complicated to
> > integrate another module. This is by all means no complaint against
> > mythweb, which i like and use often.
> > - My first Announcement of MythCollection met with little interest so
> > i choose a route more convenient for me.
> > - I wanted a granular Authentication schema which allows me to put my
> > collection online for my friends to see, but restrict the editing part.
> > - Configuring apache is rather complicated and i do not want to
> > support that.
> > - I think with webapplications you can do seamless integrations on the
> > frontendview even with diffrent backends.
> > - Rails is fun ;-)
> >
> > regards  tom
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