[mythtv-users] converting mythconverg database - do I need to do it ???

Stephen Kitchener stephen at g6dzj.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 14 17:04:01 UTC 2006

Hi List,

I have moved a database, ie the files under /var/lib/mysql/ from a running .19 
to a running .20 system, and while it is working and I can see all my 
previous recording and it appears to be scheduling correctly, I am concerned 
to know if there is anything that I need to have completed.

The old system was on Fedora 4 and was using .19 and the new system is on 
Fedora 5 and using .20.  The other differences are the version of mysql has 
gone from 4 to 5 on fedora 5.

Do I still need to convert my database, is there a way to test to see if it 
has been converted, ie via mysql for instance, extra fields in the records 
perhaps ??

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