[mythtv-users] ATI Radeon 9600 / MythTV Issue

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 08:12:18 UTC 2006

On 13/11/06, Rick Stone <rhadenstone at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a 9600 in my Myth box.  I was running Ubuntu Dapper and Myth .19, and
> upgraded to .20.  After a few weeks of running .20, things started falling
> apart (lirc stopped responding, and then there was a unrecoverable -- within
> my scope of knowledge -- mysql problem).
> I decided to load Edgy and Myth .20 from the repos.  The install went fairly
> smooth, but I canNOT seem to get video to display correctly on my TV.  I
> have an older CRT television.  When I use my VERY old LCD for setup, I can
> get it to work perfectly, but when I unplug and reboot (as I used to before
> reinstalling) I can't get video to display correctly.  The desktop looks
> fine, but when I play video with Xv enabled (either through Myth or Totem)
> it looks as if the aspect ratio has doubled in length and I only get to see
> the top half stretched to fill the screen.  When I turn Xv off, I get video
> fine through Totem, but with the internal Myth player the aspect ratio is
> adjusted to fit into 4:3 and the normal adjustment doesn't do anything to
> the video.
> Any ideas or help?   Yes, I know, I should trash the old ATI card and get an
> Nvidia, but I'm trying to save some cash.  Especially when everything worked
> "fine" before I reinstalled.

Are you using the closed-source fglrx driver from ATI, or the radeon
driver supplied with X? I'm using the radeon driver with my Radeon
9000 Pro (using Xv) , outputting to a Sony Wega TV, with no problems
at all (although tis is using a VGA-SCART cable and not S-Video).

With MythTV, also make sure you have DisplaySize and other related
settings (DPI etc) configured correctly for your display:



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