[mythtv-users] Only left audio channel recorded

Austin Roberts mythtv at ausiv.com
Mon Nov 13 02:58:59 UTC 2006

> I wonder if it's the same as my problem?
> In my case, both channels are recorded, but only one is played. I had to
> enable separate muting for stereo channels in the FE setup, and then hit
> '|'
> to mute the left channel. That makes both channels play.
> Give it a try, may be you get lucky.

I had to hit '|' twice to mute the right channel, then it worked. Is there
any way to make it start with the right channel muted, so I don't have to go
through the trouble of hitting '|' twice every time I want to watch
something? If not, I can make due with this, but it would be  more
convenient to have it done automatically.
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