[mythtv-users] Video problems.

Todd A. Anderson DrTodd13 at comcast.net
Sun Nov 12 21:40:05 UTC 2006

> On Sat, 2006-11-11 at 19:54 -0800, Todd A. Anderson wrote:
> > I gave up on the 350's video out and will get a better video card
> > with TV-out but for the moment I was just trying to get it functional
> > on my regular monitor.  When I try to watch live TV, the audio will 
> > play for a few moments then quit and then repeat.  The video has
> > a bunch of horizontal lines across it and a bunch of little tick-marks
> > along the left and right edges.  I've noticed that I get the same
> > effect when I try to use mplayer on some other file if I use the
> > -vo xv option but the problems go away if I use the -vo x11 option.
> > Anyway to setup the corresponding options in mythtv frontend?
> Yes, set "NO_XV" in the environment variable. But you don't want to
> do this, XVideo is the hardware color conversion and scaling in X11,
> if you disable this you are making the CPU do a lot of work it
> shouldn't have to be doing. I've seen similar artifacts to the ones
> you are describing with an nVidia card when some of the capacitors
> melted off in a hot case. nVidia replaced the card when that happened,
> whether your card vendor will do that probably depends on how long
> you've had the card. But in any case you should replace the video
> card, a MythTV capable video card can be had for $35-$50 these days.

Thanks for the response.  I found the "setenv NO_XV=1" thing online.
Is there a list of possible environment variables somewhere for
mythfrontend?  I can't find them with google.  Also, it seems I also
needed the -framedrop option for mplayer to do anything decent on this
machine.  How do I get the equivalent for mythfrontend?



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