[mythtv-users] OSD rendering question

Remco Treffkorn remco at rvt.com
Fri Nov 10 22:04:39 UTC 2006

On Friday 10 November 2006 13:08, Greg Estabrooks wrote:
> > Actually, I have never seen the OSD coming up when I watch a recording.
>  Info sent to mythtv OSD only ever appears during playback with the
> internal player. Whether it's a recording or "LiveTV".

That is as it should be, and what I expected.

>  I assume you are not saying that the visible mythtvosd stuff was actually
> embedded within a recording itself?  OSD events are just a display layer,
> not actually in the content itself.

This is exactly what I am saying. The OSD is in the recording. I can rewind 
and see it again, and again...

Imagine my surprise.

Now that you told me how it should be, I'll spend a bit more time verifying 
how it is.

Remco Treffkorn (RT445)
remco at rvt.com   (831) 685-1201

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