[mythtv-users] mythTV 0.20 on SUSE 10.1

William Munson wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Fri Nov 10 19:59:34 UTC 2006

Brano wrote:
> What are all the pre-requisites to run mythTV on a system?
> The problem I'm having is that on my HW mythtv runs OK on Fedora Core 6.
> On SUSE 10.1 TV picture on mythtv is scrambled (black-greenish picture). 
> However kdeTV on SUSE is showing perfect picture.
> I'm talking about DViCO Fusion Gold analog TV tuner (NTSC).
> I must be missing some library or something is misconfigured but can't 
> figure out what.
I am no expert but when I first went to .20 I also had a weird screen 
problem. For me it turned out to be the nVidia drivers for my graphics 
card. I had to revert to an older version and it started  working. 
System is  FC5 running 0.20-fixes.

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