[mythtv-users] various issues with setup

Francis Peixoto pokrmessiah at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 14:53:41 UTC 2006

Hello, I've got a list of a few bugs in my current mythtv setup:

1 - If I play a DVD, it will show up on the monitor, but not on the TV set.

2 - If I decide to fix that by booting up with the monitor unplugged,
mythtv doesn't start.  I get a core dump error.

3 - MythGallery sees the picture directories I've dropped into
/var/lib/pictures/ but it wont show me the pictures inside, nor the
sub directories.

4 - MythMusic will not see the folders and sub folders I've dropped
into /var/lib/music/.  I do "update database", the progress bar goes
through quickly, and nothing.  I still cant browse any of my MP3's.

4 - MythMusic won't import Cd's.  every time I put a CD in, click
Import, it spits out the CD immediately without importing.

Can anyone give me pointers?

Thank you

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