[mythtv-users] Separate video modes for GUI and TV playback & xorg

Doug Larrick doug at parkercat.org
Fri Nov 10 02:58:57 UTC 2006

> I'd like to be able to send the 1080i stuff to the television as 1080i.  
> I have a working 1080i modeline and can switch modes with no problem.  
> So I configured it to run the GUI 1280x720, but switch to 1920x1080i 
> when the video is in that resolution.  The issue is that xorg sets the 
> virtual desktop to 1920x1080 even when the resolution is 1280x720.  So, 
> that makes the 720p video scale to 1920x1080 and run on to the off 
> screen parts of the virtual desktop.  Oddly when I run the 1080i video 
> the resolution changes but I only see 1280x720 of the video in the upper 
> left corner of the screen with large black borders on the right and bottom.

Try doing xrandr to the 1280x720 resolution in your login manager (i.e.
gdm) setup, or in the login process for your MythTV user, before you
fire up mythfrontend.


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