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Timothy Waters timothy.waters at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 13:39:03 UTC 2006

I just had what I thought was a good install on Fedora Core 5 with an 80GB
drive and a 200GB drive. I had the /, boot, and swap on the 80, formatted
with the defaults, and used the remainder of the space on the 80 and the
whole 200 as one lvm volume formatted with XFS. One night it just died while
recording a show. The pc locked up and would never boot correctly after. Is
this fedora? Is this XFS crapping out on me? Should I use Fedora 6? Should I
just go back to Gentoo? I tried knoppmyth and it had everything on hda and /
partition was ext3. LAG LAG LAG. Was that ext3? Was that knoppmyth? It was
hella smooth with XFS on fedora. What can I do for an easy setup that
doesn't lag? I am thinking about trying Fedora 6, trying Knoppmyth with
reiserfs, or going back to Gentoo and use Reiser4. I just want an "install,
setup, and forget-it" system that doesn't lag. The difference with Fedora
5/XFS and knoppmyth/ext3 was VERY noticeable in regards to smooth video

Timothy Waters
timothy.waters at gmail.com

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all doubt." - Abraham Lincoln

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