[mythtv-users] My experience with the ratpoison window manager

AWC Lists maillists at awcconsulting.com
Wed Nov 8 12:46:22 UTC 2006

Uh, I think you are most likely using some window manager.  While your 
command will just start your application, you are still using the 
underlying window manager installed on your system to display MythTV. 
(Be it gnome, kde, etc.)

The idea of choosing what window manager to use is to create a smaller 
faster OS footprint.  gnome and kde are very large window managers that 
load a lot of programs in the background.  By choosing a different, more 
compact, windows manager, you can create a machine that run Myth more 
efficiently and/or on older hardware.

For my system, if I ran your command, it would still run in gnome as 
that is the window manager that X is configured to utilize.


stan at stanandliz.net wrote:
> Sorry to sound confused, but why do you need a window manager at all?
> I have a boot script that runs the following command on startup:
> startx /usr/bin/mythfrontend &

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