[mythtv-users] Do sound cards help with latency or CPU load?

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Tue Nov 7 04:37:58 UTC 2006

I just ordered the oft-praised Turtle Beach Riviera primarily because
I plan on upgrading to surround sound
and will need digital output.

However, I'm also hoping that the card will help with the random
prebuffering skips I get under certain situations
I've found some vague discussion on the mailing-list archive on how
moving to a sound card from on-board sound (in my case, from an Intel
915G motherboard with HDA audio) may help with latency and/or CPU-laod

* Anyone find this to be true?
* If so, do you use an internal or external sound device? I'd think
  that internal would be preferable due to the theoretically-better
  bandwidth via PCI versus USB, but if external is better in this
  situation I'd just swap the Riviera in favor of an Audio Advantage

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