[mythtv-users] Bootable CD - Myth

Cecil Watson cwatson at linkline.com
Sun Nov 5 23:01:31 UTC 2006

Ed Gatzke wrote:
> We'll see a new knoppmyth probably when 0.21 rolls out...   Stupid
> improvements... 
Interesting that you'd call the improvements stupid, especially when you
don't know what those improvements are.  Your words are also
inconsiderate as I spend a lot of my personal time trying to make
KnoppMyth as easy as possibly.  I go thru alot of headaches so those
that choose to use KnoppMyth don't have to.

When a new release of MythTV is made public, I try my best to make a new
release of KnoppMyth as soon as possible.  Sometimes I'm successfull,
other times I'm not.  That is especially true when I'm also working on
improving other aspects of KnoppMyth.

When a new release of MythTV is available, there is nothing stopping
anyone that uses KnoppMyth from running that new release of MythTV.
That is on of the reasons included all of MythTV's dependencies.  If
someone wanted to play with SVN or get the latest release because I'm
otherwise engaged to upgrade KnoppMyth, it isn't that difficult.  Simply
backup your database and follow the MythTV instructions.  While
KnoppMyth is no longer a Knoppix remaster, if one wanted to remaster
KnoppMyth to include the latest MythTV, all one has to do is again read.

If you do use KnoppMyth, thanks for letting me know exactly what you
think of my hard work (and consider finding another distro to use).  If
you don't, I'd appreciate it if you kept your comments to yourself.



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