[mythtv-users] Converted MCE PC to MythTV - HDTV question

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> Subject: Converted MCE PC to MythTV - HDTV question
> I had a fully-functioning MCE 2005 PC with the following relevant specs:
> *	Pentium IV 2.26Ghz
> *	2GB PC2700 RAM
> *	320GB IDE Hard Drive
> *	GeForce 6800GT 256MB -- Connected to a 15inch CRT monitor via VGA and a BenQ PE8700 Front Projector via DVI.
> *	MCE Remote
> *	ATI HDTV Wonder
> Since I have built a few MythTV systems for use in different rooms of my house, and this was the last remaining HTPC that wasn't MythTV, I decided to reformat it and install FC5 + MythTV and add it as another slave backend.  
> When this PC had Windows MCE 2005 on it, it could record and playback HDTV just fine with no dropped frames.  I realize that there are major underlying differences regarding drivers and the operating system itself, but from everything I've been "conditioned" to believe is that Linux is more efficient than Windows.  It therefore stands to reason (at least in my mind, but of course, I've been wrong many times) that with the exact same hardware underlying this new MythTV system, it should be able to play HDTV without dropped frames.  Unfortunately, it seems like I am mistaken and it looks like I need more CPU horsepower to make it happen because now that I have finished setting up FC5 and MythTV, my HDTV playback is dropping frames and looks herky jerky. I admit I haven't researched too heavily yet since I just finished getting everything working this morning, but I thought I would pose the question here first.  
> Is there anything I can tweak to make HDTV smooth on my system given the hardware I stated above?  Or am I asking too much out of my current hardware and should instead upgrade my CPU/Motherboard/Memory?  I am currently running nvidia-graphics8776 as my video card drivers for X.  Any tweaks there that can help?
> By the way, SD playback is fine, no problems whatsoever.
> Thanks for any and all help/suggestions you guys can provide.

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