[mythtv-users] Myth vs. Sage vs. Beyond

Ed Gatzke ed.gatzke.groups at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 19:51:17 UTC 2006

> cleaner, sharper, and less noisy using windows. I tried Sage and
> Beyond yesterday, and hate them both. They are as ugly as myth, but
> for 1/10 the functionality. I think for my purposes, I really love
> myth and admire the work done to make it what it is. But I am sick of
> giving up quality. I hate windows so much that I will not be using
> BTV, or Sage, so I have called and ordered the DVR's from Verizon
> Fios. These are crap compared to Myth, but with these to take care of
> my wife and family, and BitTorrent TV sites to take care of my

That is what I am moving to.  Get a crap PVR from TimeWarner that works ,
then use my mythbox as experimental.

That is also what I expected.  You can't do as much in those units, at least
not in a nice integrated package.  Myth is like 90% of where I need it to be
for the wife to accept it (she wants PIP??)

My HD card looks great in Myth, the SD 500 card is a turd even with the
driver fixes.  And I don't have lots of slots to use.   Maybe I send back my
500 and trade out to two 150s?  I assume they don't have the same crap
quality of the 500 right now.  But apparently the 500 is a software problem,
so I can't even really justify a return.  Why did they have to screw us by
change the hardware?  Idiots.
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