[mythtv-users] MythDVD

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Thu Nov 2 18:37:34 UTC 2006

I've got an FC5 x64 install, and MythDVD works without a hitch.  I
pulled down the RPM's from atrpms.net.


> Has anyone had issues with using MythDVD and the Rip feature?  It does
> not seem to do anything when I chose "Import".  MTD says "not compiled
> with Transcode support, so MTD will do nothing!"  I have used the
> Ubuntu Edgy repos for 64bit to install Myth, Myth plugins, Libdvdcss2,
> transcode, etc.  I have also tried to compile just MythDVD from source
> but it doenst show up in Myth when installed that way.  Nothing seems
> to work.  The forums show how to check to see if MTD is working but
> nothing shows what to do if it is not.
> Anyhelp is much appreciated.  Links? Advice? Because after a few weeks
> of this, I am about to give up.  My main goal with Myth is to just
> store my current music and DVD collection on it.  But i dont want to
> have to use a gnome based Rip to to convert my DVD collection.  Myth
> rocks!  I just wish i could get it working.
> Danny

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