[mythtv-users] Using media stored on multiple drives withoutLVM?

stan stanlist at cox.net
Wed Nov 1 22:26:40 UTC 2006


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> > What are the potential problems with LVM? I'm thinking of 
> moving to it on
> > Fedora.
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> say that you have 2 TB of LVM data in a single xfs partion. It's
> comprised of 6 drives ( mixture of 500gig and 300gig drives)
> Now say that you lose one drive to a power surge... you lose all
> of your 2TB of data... not just the data on the drive. If you keep
> the drives separated, if you lose one drive, you only lose the
> data on that drive.
> jack
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Thanks.  GOOD POINT.  Just after I read all the propaganda on the LVM howTo
about why I want LVM too. 

But you do have the option of keeping each LV on a separate PV.  It's your
choice when a filesystem grows bigger than one PV -- either enlarge the LV
across PV's or make a new LV and filesystem for each new PV. 

Did I just lie?  If you have ten PV's each with it's own LV and filesystem
and you lose one PV, is LVM robust enough to continue accessing the
remaining LV's and allow you to replace the failed LV?

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