[mythtv-users] Automatically restart backend on failure? (Gentoo)

Julian Edwards myth at julian-edwards.com
Wed Nov 1 17:40:58 UTC 2006

Dan Wilga wrote:

> The problem with cron-based solutions to this problem is the lag 
> between the time of the crash and when cron next runs. If MBA had been 
> recording when it died, you can miss a big part of the program.
> Instead, here's a daemon I wrote to start MBA and monitor how it ends. 
> If it ends gracefully (i.e.: it got a TERM signal), then this script 
> exits. If not, MBA is immediately relaunched.
> The script can be started from /etc/rc.d/rc.local .

I'm not sure why people are re-inventing the wheel when you can just 
stick a line in /etc/inittab like this:

my:345:respawn:/usr/local/bin/mythbackend --logfile 

Alter file paths accordingly etc.

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