[mythtv-users] [OT] anybody in Las Vegas?

Franco mythtv at email.it
Wed May 31 10:55:13 UTC 2006


this is not completely OT as I need it for my Mythtv room :-)

Very shortly, it's a picture request of Las Vegas by night.
If you don't live in Vegas and you are not going there any soon,
you can totally skip the rest of this message and save your time :-)

Otherwise, go on reading...


I need two pictures for my HTPC (Myth) room, I want to have
them enlarged to mega-posters and glue them on two adjacent
walls. What I need are two pictures of a nice spot of
Las Vegas by night (main color should be black or very dark,
with coloured lights, neons, etc. Maybe some famous casino.)

As they will be hugely enlarged, pictures should be high quality,
meaning a very high resolution digital camera or a "regular"
film camera of good quality and properly used.

The two pictures should be taken with a special procedure I'll 
describe below, however, in case you live there the best thing 
is probably you just start sending me random pics 
taken at low resolution, and use the special procedure
and high resolution only when we find a cool spot I'd like 
to be reproduced on my walls....

So, if you live there, you can start to spam me ;-)
with any picture of Vegas you take, right now ;-)

As to the special procedure, I'm looking for creating
a 3D effect in the room; my idea is that the two pictures on 
the two adjacent walls should be the same place seen
from two different points of view so that when you are
in the center of the room and turn your head, you'll 
still see same thing from a different point of view,
like it happens in reality. I don't know if I was able
to explain (and I don't know if it'll work ;-) ),
however what you should do is like:

- go to the chosen place
- take a picture
- turn on the right (or the left) by 90 degrees
- do NOT change zoom, angle, etc
- point at same height as before
- take the second picture

This may be even better if you have an adjustable 
camera stand, make it carefully horizontal,
and rotate the camera by 90 degrees on the stand
between the two picturs.

I could refund you the costs and/or send you 
things you want from Italy (Milano area), in turn.
Or, point me to a professional, if you know any who
could do it at a reasonable price.

In the while, feel free to flood me with any
Vegas picture you may have or take :-)


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