[mythtv-users] MythDevice?

Anil Gupte anil-list at icinema.com
Wed May 31 12:20:54 UTC 2006

"As I said, you have described a TiVo perfectly "  Yes, but I cannot tinker with 
it or modify it etc.

If TiVo can sell a box for $400 lifetime cost, then surely they must be making 
it for about $250.  In other words, it is possible to make this hardware at that 
price (in volume).  Perhaps I will make such a box and try selling it to all the 
mythtv, freevo etc users out there. :-)  Or if someone is already planning this 
let me know, I will buy a few.  I could make money selling it to a couple of 
hundred people and adding some custom apps.

Anil Gupte

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On May 30, 2006, at 7:12 AM, Anil Gupte wrote:

> I am looking for something that is mass manufactured specifically
> to run Linux
> based PVR software, so the price can come down to say, $300 per
> machine and it
> looks good next to my DVD player and Audio system.  Then all of us
> can justify
> having a bunch of them - some to use, some to take apart, some to
> play with,
> some to bring them all in and in the darkness... never mind... :-)
> Seriously, someday myth will be all growed up and it needs to have
> a stable,
> reliable platform on which people can run it - perhaps even pay for
> it.
> What "couple of outfits" are selling such boxes now?

As I said, you have described a TiVo perfectly (though some might
argue about the "looks good" part). Standalone models can be had for
around $50 US "after rebate".

The "couple of outfits" I referred to are selling pre-configured Myth
machines, but these are not mass-produced and the prices are high.
The Dragon was mentioned here, I think the MyTV online store has an
offering as well. The Media Ready series from Video Without
Boundaries is another possibility.

Be aware that if you are in the US I am not at all sure of the status
of these machines using DataDirect to obtain their listings, it may
or may not be a violation of the letter of their license, but it is
almost certainly a violation of the spirit of it. Of course other
arrangements could be made with DataDirect, as was done by TitanTV
and others.

The current MCE offerings are so poor that there is certainly a
market for "something better", but I think successfully running a
Myth system will require better-than-average computer skills for the
foreseeable future. Third-party software solutions that run on
standard XP are better than MCE solutions, some are actually pretty
decent, but quality video hardware will always be expensive unless
subsidized, as with TiVo and the PVR offerings from Cable Operators,
and with those you wind up paying in the end in monthly fees.

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