[mythtv-users] Remote MythTV setup/user in Europe. Advice?

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Wed May 31 07:40:33 UTC 2006

Excellent plan.  I think that is exactly what I will do.  Server in North
America, and a remote front end.  If the actual content is rsync'd, it should
apear normal in use.  I am not too sure about opening MySQL over the internet,
but that should be fine.  Maybe a hole punched in only for a certain IP and
port would be safer.


Quoting Chad <masterclc at gmail.com>:

>> It seems to me the easiest solution would be to set up a Myth box in
>> North America and have it record shows for you, then transfer the
>> recorded files to your local machines.  That's pretty straightforward
>> to do securely with SSH, among other options.
> Well, if you are only going to be basically replicating the North
> American Mythbox, and not doing any local recording, you could just
> use the box in North America as your Master Backend, and then your box
> in Europe as a Slave/frontend.  Do the rsync in the night (as
> suggested above) with the /video directory to get all the recordings
> over.  The db could exist across the world, it's very small bandwidth
> actually used to query the db for the information it has, so you
> probably wouldn't even notice that part of the delay!
> IF you were going to record programming locally as well, you would
> likely still be fine assuming the odd coincidence of the channels
> being the same number and the recording starting at the same time
> (well, actually I think that would still work because Myth would
> assign it a different filename due to the different tuner number
> recording the show).
> Sounds like you are a go, assuming you aren't breaking any export laws
> or something like that.  I guess if you subscribed to the programming
> it would be legit?  What a funny thought, but maybe you could call the
> CBS folks and see what their thoughts on how legal it is are...  :D
> Good Luck!
> Chad
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