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Hi all,

The loverly wife has given permission for me to buy a new tv. WHO HOOOO!!!

Ok she would love the nice realy thin Plasma for the wall, and I will
confess that I am stupid when it comes to these things. 

So I have been reading most anything and have managed to confuse myself.
I am not wanting this thread to turn into "I like this one better", but can
people help guy out please.

(also i want to strike while the Iron is hot) 

It seems that most Plasma's currently avaliable in Aust are NOT true HD
true HD is 1080i lines. But the ones available here (at a resonable spend)
are not that. (my Spend is 2k MAX 3k)
most are 852 x 480 (which is less than my CRT TV) 
Some are 1366 x 768 (this seems the most common)
and others 1024 x 1024.

And then the 106" 1080I Monster @  6k 

Now dont get me wrong here. There is stuff to no HD content in Aust. But
with Myth in the mix that means I can play dvds at full resolution etc. 

So of the Aust users out there, can you recomend any Plasma's that are good
value for features.

For the other users can you guy recomend any good site to explain, in plain
english, what i need to know?



I may be able to help a little as I just bought a 50" plasma. After looking
around at a lot of options I ended up buying Soniq brand from JB HiFi. The
thing that sold the deal was 2999 for 50 inches and it's a 1366 x 768, so by
Australian Standards that's hi-def. BTW in Australia anything over 575i is
allowed to be advertised as hi-def. I payed the extra $300 for the  4 pixel
5 year warranty. Having watches it for a while I've seen better pictures
(maybe 5% better) but usually at an extra $1000. Inputs are VGA DVI
component video and s-video also can do PIP, the built in tuner is analogue.


Overalll I'm pretty happy, especially at that price




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