[mythtv-users] MythArchive: One Question, One Problem

Daniel A. Segel mythtv at archer-segel.com
Mon May 29 16:36:25 UTC 2006

Paul Harrison wrote:
> Daniel A. Segel wrote:
>> Paul Harrison wrote:
>>>> Problem: I have an older recording, from when the files were named .nuv 
>>>> instead of .mpg. It has a cutlist, verified either by going into edit 
>>>> mode or by looking at the database, but MythArchive doesn't recognize 
>>>> it. It says it doesn't have a cutlist when I'm in the Select Recordings 
>>>> screen, and Select Archive Items it says "No cutlist available". Is this 
>>>> correctable?
>>> As far as I know MythArchive uses the same method to detect if a cut 
>>> list is available as the frontend does. It uses the flag in the 
>>> ProgramInfo class. I did fix a bug where mytharchive wasn't seeing that 
>>> a new cut list was available after an item had been added to the archive 
>>> list so if you are not using the current svn updating may fix it. If 
>>> not, assuming the .nuv is an mpeg file, you could try running 
>>> mythtranscode on the file manually to remove the cut list and then add 
>>> the resulting file as a regular file to mytharchive.
>> Something's still wrong with the way MythArchive is identifying things. 
>> In the "Select Recordings" screen I see the little scissors icon for the 
>> recording in question, so it seems to know there's a cutlist for the 
>> recording at that point, but after I add it and go to the "Select 
>> Archive Items" screen it says "No Cutlist Available". Are those two 
>> sections using a different method to identify whether or not a cutlist 
>> is available?
>> FWIW, the 'hascutlist' field in the archiveitems table has a '2' in it 
>> for this item, which is the same value it has for recordings where it 
>> does think there's a cutlist. The 'cutlist' field for both records is NULL.
>> Daniel
> OK I think I know what the problem is. Does the old .nuv file have a 
> different filename format than the newer .mpg files? If so the problem 
> is in the way the "Select Archive Items" screen is getting the 
> ProgramInfo. It extracts the channelID and starttime from the filename 
> and uses that to get the ProgramInfo.
Yes, the old files have names like this:


The new files are named like this:


I guess the older files have the start end end times encoded in them, 
while the newer ones only have the start time. Is it possible to rename 
them without too much trouble? Or would I have to make edits in the db 
all over the place?


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