[mythtv-users] Tuner type not set

Brad Templeton brad+myth at templetons.com
Mon May 29 07:19:55 UTC 2006

> Add
> options ivtv tuner=50
> to your modprobe.conf.  If you have multiple cards, use -1 for all the 
> other tuners in a comma-separated list.  I.e. if you have a PVR-150 and 
> a PVR-500 set up so the 150 is initialized first (i.e. is /dev/video0),
> options ivtv tuner=50,-1,-1
> Or, if the PVR-150 is initialized last, use
> options ivtv tuner=-1,-1,50
> Mike
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Ah!  It works wonderfully.  Thanks!    The sound is even good.  "IT IS 

Alas, this is not working for me.  I have also run into this problem
after upgrading to 2.6.12 kernel, ivtv 0.4.5.   tveeprom identifies
the pvr250 as tuner type 50, but I still get "tuner 0-0061: tuner type not set"
even if I modprobe ivtv tuner=50

At first I was just finding I could not tune the channel (nor was I
getting any sound after the upgrade) but after more recent changes,
including add/remove of cards in mythtv-setup in an attempt to fix
other things, it now just crashes the backend if I try to use this
tuner with:

    2006-05-29 00:11:25.303 MainServer: HandleRemoteEncoder(cmd IS_BUSY) Unknown enc
oder: 1, exiting

(Perhaps I've mucked something up in other upgrade efforts.  Upgrading
continues to be an adventure, which means you wait a while before doing
it, and that makes it even worse...)

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