[mythtv-users] Australian Foxtel Upgrade

Nick Tan nick at wehi.EDU.AU
Mon May 29 02:00:45 UTC 2006

Hi Marty,

Here's the URL for the post in the archives (it only has the codes for 
the numbers):


And here's another URL for the rest of the buttons if you need them:


Its actually for a SKY (UK) remote, but it works for the foxtel one too.


Martin Ravell wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> Would it be possible for you to post a link or send me a copy of the actual
> lircd.conf file that you are using?
> I've been looking through archives trying to find the one you mention but
> have not had any luck so far.
> Regards
> Marty
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> Hi again,
> I've done the upgrade from Optus Analog to Optus (Foxtel) digital.  I'm 
> running FC3 with 0.19 and a PVR-150MCE and a K-World DVB-T card.
> I use a serial IR transmitter to control the cable box, as well as a 
> serial IR receiver to control Myth.
> This is what I had to do when changing from analog cable to digital:
> The analog was coming in via the tuner on the PVR-150 card, but with the 
> digital I'm using the composite input so first I had to change the input 
> in mythtv-setup.
> I had to use the lircd.conf file for the foxtel remote which was posted 
> on the list a while ago (its in the archives) as I couldn't get irrecord 
> to record the button presses on the remote.
> I created a spreadsheet which listed all the channels, with the channel 
> numbers and the xmltv ID's I use.  I updated the channel information for 
> the existing channels (basically just put in the new channel numbers), 
> and added the new channels.
> Next, I updated my tv_grab_au_tuhs script (I use the listings from 
> tvguide.org.au) and got listings for the new channels.
> Once that was all done I could watch Live TV and record, but whenever I 
> changed channels the audio would get scratchy.  If I used ivtvctl to set 
> the audio input to input1, it would fix the problem.  So I modified my 
> changechannel script to do that.
> Now I just need to figure out a good way to handle the Foxtel Box Office 
> stuff...
> Hope this helps.
> Nick
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