[mythtv-users] MythArchive: One Question, One Problem

Daniel A. Segel mythtv at archer-segel.com
Sun May 28 20:27:04 UTC 2006

Question: How do I clear the items in the "Select Archive Items" screen? 
I have several entries in there from previous attempts at making an iso, 
and even though I deselect them in the Find Files to Archive->Select 
Recordings screen, they still show up in the Select Archive Items 
screen. I can't seem to get rid of them.

Problem: I have an older recording, from when the files were named .nuv 
instead of .mpg. It has a cutlist, verified either by going into edit 
mode or by looking at the database, but MythArchive doesn't recognize 
it. It says it doesn't have a cutlist when I'm in the Select Recordings 
screen, and Select Archive Items it says "No cutlist available". Is this 


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