[mythtv-users] Is there any way to get more than 1 input from a satellite tuner?

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Sun May 28 13:30:59 UTC 2006

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> On 05/28/2006 06:46 AM, Chris wrote:
> > Dish Network (and probably DirectTV) offers dual receivers
> in a single
> > box.
> ...
> > You then need to control each receiver individually and
> Dish does that
> > by using two remotes, one IR and the other RF.  Managing that with
> > LIRC could get pretty ugly.  It's also possible to have two or more
> > remotes, either IR or RF that are coded differently but that again
> > could make LIRC a challenge.
> >
> DISH's dual-tuner receivers will /only/ accept an RF signal
> for one of the tuners.  Therefore, you can't change channels
> on the RF-only side using an IR blaster (so the IR
> transmitter using multiple remote codes only works with
> multiple DISH receivers).
> > The usual way to make 2 or more STBs "pretty" is to use STBs that
> > respond to an RF remote and hide them some place out of sight.  A
> > closet is not a great place because some STBs generate a
> fair amount
> > of heat and it is unhealthy for them to be stacked in a
> cluster with
> > limited airflow.
> Good luck building an RF transmitter for the system, though...
> Mike
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If the STBs have serial ports, you should change channels that way.  You can
then hide the boxes anywhere.  Of course, you need to have enough serial
ports but there are PCI cards that offer up to 4 ports per card I think.

Personally, I use the separate backend scenario.  That way, if something
happens to the front end or one of the plugins, the backend is still
recording.  Plus, I can hide the entire backend and STBs downstairs and keep
the nice pretty front end PC near the TV.

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