[mythtv-users] Lossless transcoding with commercial cutting increasing the size of the file.

drescher0110-mythtv at yahoo.com drescher0110-mythtv at yahoo.com
Fri May 26 15:09:06 UTC 2006

--- Mache Creeger <mache at creeger.com> wrote:

> In a typical hour show, you have 20 minutes of commercials and 40 
> minutes of show.  So in 30 minutes you should have in or around 10 
> minutes of commercials.  The automatic commercial flagging does about 
> an 85% job but it misses some stuff.  You really need to go over it manually.
> So, I am assuming that you are not going over it manually and are 
> relying on automatic flagging.  If true you should read up on 
> this.  In summary, you go into edit mode with the "E" command while 
> watching the recording, "Z" to load the cut list, and other various 
> keys to set and reset the cut points.  Once you have the cuts the way 
> you want them, you get out of edit and go to play by pressing "E" 
> again and then kick off the transcode by pressing "X".   For an hour 
> show the transcode should complete in about 5-10 minutes.  You should 
> not have to have nuv lying around and should be able to stay 
> completely in mpeg.
I have a lot of experience with the commercial cutting and editing as I do this when
I use mythburn and I have burned > 100 shows onto dvdrw... I did manually edit the
cutpoints for the show that I have used as an example here and there was about 8
minutes removed which was not the problem. The problem is after the cutting and
lossless trascoding the file is about 7MB larger than it was when it had commercials
which makes no sense to me as it should have been (from my calculation) around 290
MB smaller than the original.


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