[mythtv-users] Australian Foxtel Upgrade

Martin Ravell mythtv at rave-tech.com.au
Fri May 26 03:18:53 UTC 2006

I run a FC3, 0.19 Myth box with a PVR-350 and two LIRC daemons (one for
receive on the card and 1 for a serial transmitter to my Foxtel set top


The analog Foxtel box is on its way out (fuzzy pictures on some channels
starting this morning) and Foxtel is sending out a replacement on Monday.
Given that Foxtel here in Australia is phasing out the analog network and
moving everyone to digital I don't seem to have much of a choice but accept
this. If it weren't for the Foxtel box crapping out on me I'd be happy to
stay with analog but hey September is the changeover deadline anyway.


Have any other Aussie out there gone a change from analog to digital Foxtel
with a setup similar to mine? I'd appreciate your experiences if you can
spare the time.


At the very least I'm thinking that I'll need a new lirc config file for
codes that the digital box will accept.


Given that the analog system has different channel numbers than digital
(digital being three numbers as opposed to one or two digits on analog) I
guess that I'll have to make some database changes as well.


Any thoughts?








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