[mythtv-users] Difficulty conceptualizing the relationship of Zap2it data and scanning for channels.

H P Ladds householdwords at gmail.com
Thu May 25 18:02:55 UTC 2006

I am currently capturing HDTV OTA, and am having difficulty conceptualizing
the relationship between "scanning for channels" and importing channel info.
using Zap2it.

My assumptions:

1. mythtv-setup>Input connections>"scan for channels" uses the capture card
to scan the airwaves for signals. When it finds a signal, Myth records the
information in a .conf file. After the information is obtained, Myth
references this .conf file and predisposes the capture card to tune-in a
specific channel(s) -- rather than scanning for channels every time a user
wishes to watch or record video content.

2. The "mythfillmydatabase" command downloads a listing of when and on what
channel television programming will occur.

3. Somehow MythTV cross references the info. obtain from Zap2it
"mythfillmydatabase" and From "scan for channels" to facilitate recording.

Put another way, the information obtained from "scan for channels" is a list
of hardware settings that tune in OTA stations. The information obtained
from Zap2it is a list of channel information. These separate databases are
indexed together to faciltate viewing and recording.

4. However, when using a cablebox one should not use mythtv-setup's "scan
for channels"  feature. Zap2It's information is used to populate both (all?)
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