[mythtv-users] Differences between KnoppMyth R5B7 and R5C7

Dave lists at netsalve.com
Thu May 25 14:34:12 UTC 2006

On Thursday 25 May 2006 13:52, Philip Isaacs wrote:
> Did any one else notice that there is a new version of KnoopMyth posted
> for download (R5C7)
> but according to the website and change log the current version is still
> R5B7.
> Does anyone have an idea of  what the differences are or where I can
> find that out?
> Thanks so much.

I've installed it and haven't been able to spot the differences so far - at 
least none of the things I was hoping for have been included.

I was hoping that:
1. The DVB Radio patches were included
2. mythfilldatabase would work without upgrading xmltv
3. mythstreamtv would stream DVB recordings without them having been 
transcoded (using the mpeg2 lossless encoder). This requires the latest 
nightly build of vlc, which seems to have a lot of dependencies and also 
(when installed with apt-get) removes some pretty important packages (such as 
mythplugins, mythweb, mythstreamtv).

(Please note: this is not a complaint, I am extremely pleased with knoppmyth 
and very grateful to all of the developers. It is just for information for 
anyone thinking of upgrading to R5C7).


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